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Top Item/Verified Ad


What is Top item?

Top item is also known as premium item which is listed in the top of the list by the website admin when a certain amount is paid by the seller .


How can I make my Ad listed in the Top item ?

To make your item listed in Top item first you need to post an Ad . Then you need to pay to the admin to list your Ad in the Top item .

For rates and queries mail us at


How does a Top item look like?

Top Item will look like :


How much response i will get after my ad is listed as Top item ?

Obviously . Top items gets more response than normal items . More people view your Ad and chances of selling your item increases by 80% . In the following chart you can find the difference between Top item and Normal item.


What is verified Ads?

Verified Ads are those ads which are personally verified by SajiloKarobar team by checking the product or things if its genuine or not .


How can i mark my ad as verified ad ?

FIrst you need to post an Ad. After that if your product is genuine then you can contact SajiloKarobar to Visit your place or store for inspection .Then Sajilokarobar team will examine and if the team is fully satisfied then they will mark your Ad as verified Ad .

Suppose you want to sell your computer which is working fine but due to fraud/scam activities made by others, people don't want to buy computer from unknown place like yours so we will visit your place to check each and every computer if it is actually working fine or not. If it's working fine and we are fully satisfied by your products then we will mark your Ads as verified Ads so our website visitor can trust your product.

This kind of inspection applies for all the categories. we not only verify computers bt each and every kind of products.If you want to mark your Ad as Verified Ad You need to pay some amount. For rates and queries mail us at .